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  • Chocolate
    The humble Chocolate; derived from the humble
    cocoa bean and enjoyed throughout the
    ages. The experience can be either solitude
    or shared, for a special occasion or
    just a singular special moment - possibly
    your moment.
  • Dark Chocolate
    "Dark Chocolate", also refered to as
    "Plain Chocolate" or "Black Chocolate",

  • Milk Chocolate
    "Milk chocolate" is solid chocolate made
    with milk.


About Out The Box Chocolates

Brigitte Linder has one great passion ..... chocolate.

My discovery of chocolate happened in my early childhood in Switzerland. It was just so yummy to eat. I wasn't thinking of working in the chocolate production, at the time I just wanted to eat it.

My passion of making chocolate took hold of me after I came to Canada in 2001. During my work experience in the production department at a Belgium Confectioner I decided to devote my spare time to research and focus on my hunger for greater knowledge, finding myself pouring over books, searching the internet and attending chocolate conventions.

With the move to Nova Scotia in sight, I laid the foundation for Out The Box Chocolates to be able to provide chocolates to others who have a similar appreciation for a high quality chocolates in my new surroundings of Halifax.

I jumped right into it; registered my business, acquired all the necessary equipment, tools and packaging without a big business plan but with a determination to give it all. I was so inspired that I signed up for several advanced hands-on workshops at the Chocolate Academy of Carma and Barry Callebaut in my home country Switzerland. The course instructors themselves were award winning confectioners and they opened up a whole new world of insights to me. With great confidence, dreams and hopes I returned to Halifax.

I’m the proud owner and operator of Out The Box Chocolates selling my products at Farmers Markets, mainly Hubbards, and at so many Christmas Markets between Wolfville-Halifax-Truro and Middle Musquodoboit.

I continuously hone my skills, refine recipes and experiment with new products and materials. So the love affair continues.

Out The Box Chocolates produces Swiss style hand-crafted chocolates using only fresh quality ingredients with no preservatives added.

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